Clothing boutiques generate about $18 billion worth of revenue in the United States annually. If you are the owner of one of these boutiques, you know all too well how competitive this industry is. The key to having continued success with a clothing boutique is finding ways to keep consumers engaged and interested in what you are offering.

Are you starting to see a decline in sales? If so, consider these helpful tips for reinvigorating and motivating your customer base to make more purchases.

1. Adding Jewelry and Accessories to Your Inventory

Consumers like to shop in stores that offer a wide range of products. Often times, the convenience factor can help a business increase sales substantially. If you already carry a variety of clothes in the store, think about adding jewelry and fashion accessories to your inventory is a fantastic idea.

Finding a wholesaler who offers great prices on pendants, earrings and bracelets is essential. Often times, retailers will put these items near the register because they are great impulse buys. Talking with a few of your loyal customers can give you an idea of what type of jewelry they would like to see in the store.

2. Make Sure Your Prices are Competitive

Having high-quality clothing is a must when trying to build your brand. However, you have to make sure the items for sale in your store are priced competitively. If a consumer can find the same item at a competing shop for a few dollars less, they will usually jump at the chance to make this purchase.

Making an effort to go out and look at the prices the competition have is vital. While visiting their stores, take notice of their marketing strategy and how much traffic it seems to be generating. In some instances, this information can give you some good ideas on how to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

3. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Some clothing store owners make the mistake of sticking with marketing methods that are outdated. Using print ads or flyers is not nearly as effective as creating a presence online for your company.

Social media websites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have millions of users. This means that tapping into a small fraction of this audience can lead to a significant increase in sales. Posting pictures of your shop and updates on new products coming out on social media can help expand your reach and grow your customer base over time.

4. Customer Service Should Be Your Main Priority

When customers shop with your business, you want them to have an enjoyable and memorable experience. The best way to ensure this happens is by putting the needs of your customers first.

Doing things like allowing consumers to shop online for items in your store is a great way to make their experience more enjoyable. The future of retail is based on creating a seamless experience from online purchase to in-store pickup. Getting out in front of this trend can help you achieve the success you dream of.

Don’t Rush Change

Instead of making drastic changes in the way you currently do business, try to implement these new methods incrementally. By doing this, you can avoid overwhelming your customers and employees.