One of the keys to being a successful retailer is to have a wide selection of merchandise so everyone can find something they like at your store. Retailers also need to find products that they can buy in bulk for a low price that customers will pay a good price to own. Trying to find things for a physical or online store by going to trade shows and brick-and-mortar warehouse can be a slow and expensive way to stock your shelves. Blake Brothers makes it easy to find high-quality jewelry and accessories that you can buy wholesale online.


Blake Brothers is an online superstore for fashion retailers who are looking for the best place to buy wholesale sterling silver jewelry and accessories for their stores. At Blake Brothers, you can easily find pendants, rings, chains, earrings, bracelets, and more. If there's any accessory type that's underrepresented in your collection, you can add variety to your store's offering by shopping at Blake Brothers. 


One of the benefits of shopping with Blake Brothers is that you know you're selling high-quality jewelry. The pieces are made from diverse materials and with different stones, so retailers can find items that are likely to appeal to their target consumer. For example, many of our featured pieces are made from sterling silver and display high-quality craftsmanship. Similarly, our silver rings can be sorted by gemstones so you can easily pick the items you need to make your store's offerings more comprehensive. 


Blake Brothers is a store for store owners because we offer impressive wholesale discounts based on the volume of items in your purchase. Retailers can save an extra 5 to 25 percent based on the cost and volume of what they buy. The savings can easily reach $1,000 off the total price, which means huge profits for the retailer when they sell these products.


At Blake Brothers, we have a massive selection of sterling silver jewelry, which gives retailers many choices to consider. However, many sellers are looking for something specific to match the theme of their shop or the interests of their customers. Blake Brothers also has items separated into catalogs that feature items people commonly search for. For example, you can quickly look at all of our Fleur De Lis jewelry, pieces that feature religious symbols, Celtic symbols, peace signs, and more. We even have a section for more unusual jewelry niches, like our catalog of sterling silver jewelry and accessories for bikers.


By selling things online, Blake Brothers make it easy for store owners across the country to find high-quality silver jewelry for their stores. You can read some testimonials on our site to how much people love the merchandise they get through Blake Brothers. However, we know that for some retailers, seeing is believing. We sometimes attend trade shows to give sellers a chance to look at our pieces in person. You can find out our trade show schedule on our website.


If you're ready to start making more money by selling more jewelry at your store, then it's time to give Blake Brothers a try. We feel that you’re sure to find something at a great price that your customers will love. Send us a message online if you have any questions about buying high-quality, wholesale, sterling silver jewelry.